Learn How A Home Services Business Grew From 20 To 50 Employees In 6 Months With A Virtual Office

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Initially a home-based business, managing 20 employees. Emiel, Founder of A+ Home Services, wanted to take his business to the next level. Read the incredible story of this young entrepreneur and how he boosted his business revenue and now has over 50 employees in less than 6 months!


As a growing business, A+ Home Services was looking for a solution to transition from a small business to a corporation. “We couldn’t just change our mentality, we had to change our work environment” says Emiel, Founder of A+ Home Services. With revenue and employee numbers growing at a rapid rate, Emiel wanted to take the business to the next level by boosting the culture and environment. Instead of having a ‘family-feel’ to the company, he wanted a professional environment where employees felt they were working for a company that was reputable and each contributing member was respected for their contributions.


Originally running all facets of the business from home, A+ Home Services and their employees were more laid back and tight knit. “Punctuality was one of our bigger hurdles that we wanted to overcome” marked Emiel. “More often than not, employees would come to work late and arrangements would not be made when an employee couldn’t make a shift. The mentality was different. That’s all changed for the better now.”


“Because of the opportunity we have to work from Skytek board-rooms and executive suites as a Virtual Office client for 10 hours per week, the team, including myself, are more productive than ever. We come here, get down to business, no one can walk in late, and we all feel that it’s now a ‘business’” mentions Emiel. The A+ Home Services team has seen significant boosts in their performance and revenue numbers ever since being a client at Skytek. The entire team is streamlined and working towards the same goal – the growth of the business. “Even the way people dress is remarkably different ever since we started working from Skytek


When A+ Home Services was working from home for two and a half years, they would occasionally rent Skytek boardrooms for an hour. When looking for a fully packaged Virtual Office solution, A+ Home Services did some searching with the competition – although Skytek was always top-of-mind. After looking closely and booking tours with the competition, Emiel found multiple drawbacks from them.

“I did shop around, but when I talked with other Virtual Office providers, their service was horrendous, prices were too high for what it was worth, and the amenities were subpar. The reception services, which would ultimately answer our calls, was not up to my expectations. So I came back to Skytek.”

When Emiel approached Skytek in purchasing a larger Virtual Office package, we first had a conversation to discuss A+ Home Ser-vices and their business before solidifying the right package for them.

“I sat down with Muhammad [Manager of Skytek Office Solutions], and had a nice chat with him for a few hours to get know each other’s’ businesses. I really appreciated that personal ap-proach in understanding the person and their business goals.”


Just after a few months of being a client of Virtual Offices by Skytek, Emiel has not only seen significant growth in his business from day one but other positives that have come out of his experience.

“The staff are exceptional, sometimes I will even stop and chat with them. Muhammad always asks if there is anything he can do to help grow my business and it shows that they have a genuine desire to improve my business along with theirs. I have no issues with Skytek, there are never any problems. We even make sure that the offices and boardrooms are clean after we’re done. We’re happy that Skytek continuously approaches us to make sure that our business is doing well and the exceptional customer service is appreciated” mentions Emiel.


“We made a few modifications to our infrastructure to account for the significant boost to our revenue numbers but a large part of it was in part because of the new office environment we’re in at Skytek” says Emiel.”

“Where a new employee would be able to generate $450 per shift in the past is now able to produce over $1000 per shift, some are even hitting over $2000 per shift. The number of employees we now have, since being at Skytek, has gone from 20 to 50. Our productivity increase is shown in our numbers and our network has grown quite a bit from just being in the space and networking with others within the location.”


A+ Home Services is excited about their future with Skytek and since seeing huge gains in revenue just from the few months of being at Skytek, they are excited to eventually scale into a Private Office and continue to boost their business potential.


A+ Home Services is more than just a window cleaning service. It is a friend from the first “hello” until the job is all done. Our customer service is unmatchable due to the personal relationship we build with every one of our window and eavestrough cleaning clients. We listen to every little detail you desire and build our window cleaning service around that attention to exquisite detail. Taking pride in our work and attention to detail has always been a must; it is a reason why we have started this window cleaning company. A+ Home Services started out with only a few employees but with a goal to generate personal relationships with every client.

Today we are a Corporation that has trained every staff member to take on that same pride and dedication in our work. Customer loy-alty, quality and satisfaction is where A+ Home Services fills the gap in the current window cleaning market at a competitive price. This starts at our sales agents that greet you at the door to the win-dow cleaners that work around the clock to keep our clients happy. This is the foundation of our service; we are not just a regular window cleaning service, we are a company that genuinely cares about each and every one of our clients.

Find out more at www.apluswindowcleaning.ca

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