How A Female Entrepreneur Is Saving Over 90 Hours/Month Not Working From Home

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Initially a home-based business, Magenta Design is now more productive than ever! Skytek Office Solutions has helped this small business save over 3 hours/day while maintaining rapid growth.

This case study showcases the incredible journey of one female entrepreneur and her transition from a home-based business to owning an Executive Suite saving her over 3 hours/day for personal activities while maintaining steady business growth.

Spur of the Moment

Originally a home-based business for half a year, Magenta Design would meeting clients at coffee shops with inconsistent wifi. Always on the road, Alice, Founder + Creative Director of Magenta Design found herself distracted and less motivated which soon became very time-consuming. Working from home entailed longer hours and inefficient budgeting of time as the convenience and comfort of working from home made it hard to stay motivated. “It was almost too convenient to work from home” says Alice Ma, Founder + Creative Director of Magenta Design. It was at this point she decided to look for a Private Executive Office solution.

The Search

Through a simple Google search, Alice initially picked 3 Executive Office options that were close to home. Conveniently she had the chance to take a tour of all 3 options on the same day with Skytek being the last viewing. “Oddly enough, one of Skytek’s competitors was my first choice. Although the competitor’s offices were crammed, the person responsible for the viewing was late, and I didn’t feel very welcome there. So I moved onto the 2nd choice.” mentions Alice. The 2nd option had older office options and so that was a quick no, especially as a growing creative agency, Magenta Design would be needing a solution that was clean and sleek that would represent the brand well. Then came Skytek.

“Skytek was the last tour of the day. Even though the price was a little bit higher, the building was clean, there was a spacious parking lot, and the staff were polite. Skytek just looked better from a designer’s perspective.”

The selection was made and a half-year contract was signed. It was a choice by Alice thinking of her clients. “A lot of our clients are corporate. We chose Skytek so they are comfortable.” says Alice..

Growth Curve

With the relationship with Skytek going on 2 years, Magenta Design first came to Skytek when they were only a few months into the business. Now they have grown into a team of 4 employees which allowed them to scale into a larger office space within Skytek with ease. Magenta Design has seen significant growth since being with Skytek and much of their growth can be attributed to the time they have saved by allowing Skytek to manage their administrative tasks. Alice goes on to mention, “we needed a team of people to manage all the administrative tasks, since Skytek we have a lot less headache taking care of mail, reception, and inbound calls.”

“We now finish work by 6PM rather than working until midnight. We save 3 hours per day that is now dedicated towards personal activities. A much better result than working from home that was too easy and too flexible.” concludes Alice.

About Magenta Design

Magenta Design translates the passion of a brand into creative experiences for the world to see through their collective of Toronto’s creative innovators.

With over 10 years of building rich design experiences, Magenta Design envokes emotion through creative planning and art direction. We strive to develop the online and offline presence of our clients through our out-of-the-box conceptual thinking and design of outstanding corporate image pieces, user-friendly web and mobile experiences, logos, and print media.

Magenta Design strives to provide the utmost positive client-vendor relationship and work together in a hands-on environment to translate the passion of a brand to the real world so they can grow and continue to do what they love.

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