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Transforming a Corporate Office Into A Fitness Studio!

06 Feb Transforming a Corporate Office Into A Fitness Studio!

What is Fitness 313?

Fitness 313 is the ultimate blend between lifestyle, excellence, and health. We offer help in every factor of peoples’ lives to overcome what is stopping them from reaching the optimal health they possibly can. In a world of ongoing misuse, advertising, and buying into a lack of knowledge and bad habits, we help them overcome their bad habits by assessing their health and even deeper into their biosignatures. This allows us to understand the things they are missing in their routines to fully benefit from an exercise regimen. Find out more at


Where were you before Skytek?

We initially started in the basement of our clients’ homes but the consistent driving was taking too much toll on myself and my Trainers. So then we transitioned into a 10 000 square foot facility not too far from Skytek. It was a facility that acted as a hotel for other trainers so we shared the space. It had all the accommodations that we needed at a reasonable price. We were allowed to bring our clients which gave Fitness 313 its first push.

But this space never felt like home. It was never a place that I could show as a place that was mine. It was like a substitute facility. The inconvenience of not having client files stored there and always having it on me and having that responsibility took away from the 1:1 connection I had with my clients and from the client experience.

Why the reason to move into the new space?

I ultimately wanted a space that was female-only. With clients that are self-conscious and wanted privacy for 1:1 training, having a space that catered to a female demographic, with our female trainers, was ideal but we didn’t find that with the facility we were in. Also, the owner of the facility decided to jack up the price 3 times in a 3 week time frame and it caught us off guard. It wasn’t fair to us and wasn’t ideal for us to take a higher pay cut from my client projects – so we started shopping.


Why the decision to go with Skytek?

It was an idea that was presented to me three years ago by the owner of Skytek, Muhammad. He was also my very first client when I worked at another gym a few years back. It never occurred to me to convert an office space into a gym. We started talking about different spaces and options out there and he helped me shop around but none had the freedom or items we wanted.

Muhammad then showed me an office. I was looking for a female-only space, as mentioned before. With the office, I would get a receptionist, administrative assistance, and the level of professionalism that I require as a start-up business. Something I never had too much experience on. It was a good adjustment and went with that option. We talked it out and it became worth it for me in the end.


What is your experience now with Skytek?

It’s still a bit too early to make any bold statements since we’ve only been here for 3 weeks but it’s been a positive change in my life. It’s a new stimulus and we like to say, “we adapt to stimulus.”

We weren’t growing where we were before. Yes, Skytek is pricier than my last space but it motivates me to build my business further. The experience of being here is pushing me to do better, get out there, build the brand, and now I have the freedom and the scalability to grow.


Where do you see your business growing within the next few months and years?

In 6 months, I see a bigger image for my company. The market will see Fitness 313 as an authority. We want to be the gold standard of health. I want my private contractors clocking in 40 hours of personal training a month.

In one year, I want the demand to be overcapacity and for us to get to a point where we have to expand into another office with another trainer. People will be demanding more hours from us or buying hours from us that we have to accommodate by only growing further.

In 5 years, I want to be a fitness authority in Toronto. Someone who is asked for and dependent on where real estate goes, likely I’ll buy a space. It’s a long time down the road as anything could happen but high level that’s where I want to be.

If I feel like I’ve been treated right and all of us are making enough money and we need to expand, I see myself sticking around with Skytek for the long-run. We’d ideally also like to be at 3-4 trainers and I will be overseeing things at that point and do less training but will continue to support high profile clients.




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