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How a Professional Organizer Landed Fortune 500 Clients with a Virtual Office

12 Jan How a Professional Organizer Landed Fortune 500 Clients with a Virtual Office

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Read how having a Virtual Office with Skytek has allowed Inline Organized Solutions to acquire large Fortune 500 clients to fuel their business growth initiatives. Skytek is fortunate enough to be centered in one of the most prestigious corporate parks in Canada.

Inline Organized Solution’s (OS) work involves being on site with their clients, but their growing business demanded a solution to primarily hold client meetings and motivate the completion of administrative tasks amongst their team.


Although most of Inline Organized Solution’s (OS) work involves being on site with their clients, the growing business and leading team for organizational design needed an executive office solution; to primarily hold client meetings and motivate the comple-tion of administrative tasks amongst their team.

The search for an office space was on, and through a simple Google search the team landed upon Skytek Executive Solutions.

With Skytek’s beautiful and powerful visual appeal and their professional receptionist services, it was an easy decision. “We needed a solution that could provide the professionalism that we provide our clients with. During our tour, Skytek treated us exactly how we would treat our own clients” says Maria, Lead Organizer at Inline OS.

The response from our clients during our very first meeting in one of Skytek’s largest boardrooms facilitated the fact that we made the right choice.


“Mail handling is amazing, and the staff are always there to help.” Maria continues. Skytek prides itself on not only providing executive office suites but also alleviating the time-consuming administrative tasks such as mail handling, meeting room setups, and reception services that many businesses struggle to find the time to accomplish.

The team at Inline OS come from working in a collaborative environment and Skytek provided them this solution by allowing them to work in larger suites where the team can work together in the same space. In this collaborative environment, which included a roundtable for meetings, Inline OS found themselves boosting productivity and holding more effective strategy sessions.


Maria mentions that as most of their meetings are onsite with the Client, focusing on administrative tasks could at times be difficult.

Skytek has helped Maria and the team not only with administrative duties, but also in staying motivated, “It’s motivating just being in the space. We have a more balanced schedule now and we can now budget our time accordingly.”


One of the biggest conveniences with Skytek’s location in Rich-mond Hill is that it is right off the major highways. “We are close to the 404, 407, and 401 which makes it easy to commute to client sites.” says Maria.

As Inline OS is an active member of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, Maria goes on to mention, “a lot of the members of the Chamber actually work out of, or are moving their offices to, the East Beaver Creek area. So Skytek was the ultimate choice when connecting with the other Chamber members.”

Skytek is located directly in the heart of East Beaver Creek one of the most prestigious corporate parks in Ontario, located right beside reputable brand names such as Staples and Levi’s.


“We needed an office space not only to motivate the completion of our administrative tasks, but also to represent our team’s pro-fessional culture in assisting with our process to close deals with our major prospective clients” concludes Maria.

Inline OS prides themselves on providing innovative organizational solutions that result in functional, efficient, and stream-lined business operations. Skytek resonated with this approach and are fortunate to have Inline OS be part of their growing list of exceptional clients.


Inline Organized Solutions creates organized solutions. An orga-nized solution lays the groundwork for productivity and growth, withstands change, and is unique to every case.
Our vision is to advance Canada’s business and living standards the use of organized solutions.

Inline OS started as a pioneer in Canada’s Professional Organizing industry, serving the residential community. Within year one, Inline OS grew to become Canada’s first retail and corporate organizing firm. Today three independent divisions operate under Inline OS: Inline Corporate, Inline Retail, and Inline Home.

Our team is comprises of Certified Professional Organizers, Project Managers, Lean Six Sigmas, and experts in design, construction and maintenance.

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