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30 Dec A Social Worker’s Professional Growth with Her Own Office

Karen Day, a Registered Social Worker and Owner of Daybreak Clinic has gone from working 3 years from home, then into her very own executive suite and is now going fully mobile with a Virtual Office as she operates her business partly from Costa Rica!

The Reason Behind It All

Daybreak Clinic initially started off as a home-based business for 3 years back in 2008. “At home, I had kids and a dog that would interrupt my meetings with clients, and with a psychotherapy practice, it’s not the most ideal environment to be in.” says Karen. “I was not going at this part-time, it was my full-time job. It was go big or go home and I really wanted to be serious about this.”

At the third year marker, Daybreak Clinic was established enough to invest in a full-time office space and so the search began. Karen ultimately wanted a place with enough flexibility to decorate with her own decorations and was not interested in a virtual office. She wanted the flexibility to come in on a Sunday or whenever she wanted.

The Search

Upon searching for 2-3 places in the surrounding area of York Region, Karen soon realized that, “pricing wasn’t that different, in all honesty, Skytek was slightly more expensive but the environment was warm and comfortable.”

“A friend of mine rents a space at Yonge and Eglinton and I thought the concept of shared office spaces was amazing. I didn’t even know it existed! My friend soon told me to just Google ‘Executive Office Suites’ and then I realized that it’s actually pretty common.”

“I wanted a professional space with a receptionist. Someone to greet people at the door and make sure they are comfortable in the waiting room with someone else to keep the office clean other than myself.”

The Selection

“What really sold me was the positive energy of the Skytek Team. The people were super friendly and helpful, there was a lot of positive enthusiasm. It’s the type of environment that I want my clients to feel – the vibe of positivity.”

The Environment

Since signing with Skytek, Daybreak Clinic has continued to grow and is now in their 4th year operating from Skytek. “Since joining Skytek, things took off, it felt more real. When you change your environment, things change. Emotionally, it felt really good, it was truly an exciting time of my life.” says Karen.

“I really saw a growth in my confidence, business acumen and savviness and since being at Skytek, I really understood the types of customers I wanted. I learned how to set policies, set business processes, and incorporate a business. I could not believe what I learned since being here.”

“The business has gained momentum, there are plenty of new clients and referrals.”

The Transition

Daybreak Clinic is going through a unique transition from an executive suite client to a virtual office client who will be operating her business remotely , partly from Costa Rica. “A few years ago, clients asked me if I could run retreats. Retreats allow for a lot of mind-body work and meditation. So I started to run retreats in Costa Rica and it has now become a focus point for the business.” says Karen.

Running sessions for the past 4 years in Costa Rica, the concept and key differentiator of running retreats from Costa Rica has helped her business grow and it’s because of this uniqueness that is fueling Karen’s decision to transition to a Virtual Office.

Where do you see your business in 1 year?

“I see myself running a lot more training sessions, travelling more frequently to and from Costa Rica running retreats. I definitely see my business focusing more on retreats and travel. Hence the requirement for a virtual office rather than a standalone.”

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

“Probably completely online and virtual. Running the business while mobile.”

We had to ask, why the decision to stick with Skytek?

“Skytek just knows me. They already know what I’m about and I’ve developed a working relationship with the receptionists that allows them to answer questions on my behalf. They know what I do and it’s simply an easier transition.”

Karen continues, “It’s also easier for my clients. they know that I’m not going to change my business address, mail will still be delivered here and since I’m only gone for a few months at a time, I can either pick it up or get it delivered to me without worry.”

“I definitely see myself back and forth quite a bit, from Costa Rica and here, from month-to-month. If clients want to see me here, then they can see me here. That’s the flexibility I get with a Virtual Office.” concludes Karen.

About Daybreak Clinic

Karen Day, a Master’s trained Registered Social Worker, specializing in anxiety issues including: panic, fears, phobias, OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In addition, Karen provides short-term, solution-focused counselling and coaching services for general wellness and stress management. In offering the best of evidence-based practices, Karen and the Daybreak Team are dedicated to integrating leading edge psychotherapy and coaching practices with the age-old wisdom of mind-body therapies to help you liberate your potential.

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